LG Smart TV: How to Fix YouTube App Not Working (9 Solutions)

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hey what's up guys so you have a LG

Smart TV and you have an issue with your

YouTube app it's just not working maybe

it's not loading or maybe it's opening

or maybe it's frozen or maybe you get a

black screen or perhaps you get an error

it's some kind of error message or even

if it is unresponsive I'm gonna give you

guys 9 solution to get you up and

running now and this should help at

least 80% you guys should have your

YouTube app working on your LG Smart TV

by the end of this video at least 80%

okay so step number one okay with your

TV currently on what you want to do is

just go ahead and unplug it from the

wall okay so let's go ahead and unplug


TV turns off go ahead and leave it

unplugged for one minute after one

minute is up come back and we want to