How To Turn On / Off Restricted Mode [2023 NEW METHOD]

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The YouTube restricted mode can hide some content from some people. If this

affecting you or do you just want to check to see if maybe your content has

been restricted / age restricted by everybody else and that you might need to dial it back.

today I'm going to teach you how to turn on and off the YouTube restricted mode

and show you why that's important, here we go. Hello and welcome back to another

video. I'm Alan Spicer, your YouTube certified expert and if you're looking

to start a YouTube channel, grow a YouTube channel, or put your brand out

there on to second largest search engine on the internet, you should click

Subscribe, start creating! YouTube has implemented in the last two three years

very strict practices to hide adult content, hide inappropriate information,

hide some things that just aren't advertiser friendly, and in some cases it

can be a little bit strict dirty humor, profanity, or even games that include

violence, shooting or just general gameplay. In fact in some cases it's even

deemed wrestling content to be non advertiser friendly and placed it behind

some restricted filters. Okay so let's start on PewDiePie's channel right now. I

have the restricted mode activated now. what does this mean? well if you scroll

through his last videos you'll notice that although he posts daily, you can see

videos from two days ago, five days ago, three weeks ago, three weeks ago, one

month then a couple of months. Now that seems normal right? well if I turn off

restricted mode, you will see that there's a few videos that have now

reappeared. So the Jake Paul scam, and if you are this you'll notice these

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