How to De-Ice a Window Air Conditioner : Air Conditioning

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hello everyone I'm Joshua Clement today

I'm going to talk to you about how to

de-ice a window air conditioner the

reason it freezes up is because of the

high humidity in the room the air

conditioner doesn't create cold air it

just removes the hot air and when it's

pulling that hot air out the

condensation that is caused through that

process sticks to your coils and ends up


the first step to de-icing your window

air conditioner is to shut it off and

unplug it let it sit there and let the

warm air from the outside thaw that ice

out that way you're not putting heat on

there and damaging those coils you want

to let it do it slowly and over time you

don't want to rapidly melt that ice off

there one reason is is all that water is