Why Your Well Water is Discolored or Muddy. Explained

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so I get this question quite frequently

um people call they say they have

discolored water uh the water has been

clear for years and then all of a sudden

it's become dirty now the one thing that

I always ask the customer on the phone I


10 years ago did you have five people

living in the house and then now you

only have one or two

and very commonly they go yes our kids

were here we had three kids they're all

old now they've grown up went to college

they've moved out and now it's just me

and my husband why is my water yellow

it's yellow because you're not using it

as frequently as you used to the water

in the well is becoming stagnant and

that's promoting bacteria growth and

iron and it sits down there and it

multiplies and it just gets worse and