You CAN'T Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time!!

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Anyone with half a brain knows you can't burn muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Is that Professor Dickweed again?

What's up, guys?

Jeff Cavaliere.

And Jesse.

Yes, I'm still doing that.

What is with the winter hat?

It's snowing outside not in here.

I'm still cold.

Leave me al one.

Today we're answering another one of your questions.

It's an AX Jeff, and Jesse, what have we got for AX Jeff?

All right, coming from Wayne Beckett, Jeff, why would you say that you can build muscle

and burn fat at the same time when everyone with half a brain knows that you can't??

With two question marks.


Any exclamation points in there?

That was a little angry.

I'm surprised there's not.

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