Vizio TV Turns On But No Picture FIX

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hey what's going on guys in this video

I'm gonna be telling you the fix for

your vizio tv in my case it is the back

lights and I'll show you exactly what to

look for and how to look for it before

you start taking apart the television

buying all sorts of boards spinning a

bunch of money and then it not working

with prices of televisions coming down

you want to eliminate the fuss if

possible so first thing you do is when

you do turn it on I would try to grab

your remote control if not go ahead and

use the manual buttons it's just easier

the guide setting etc we're gonna get to

that in just a second so first thing I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna turn it on you're

gonna see this down here

light goes on right there and then it

fades off okay that's normal for a bisio

television also come back here and you