How to Fix a Stuck YouTube upload. Fixing a frozen YouTube upload tutorial.

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all right what is shaking homie so today

I'm gonna show you another YouTube help

tutorial that is something that's what

happened to me a lot lately now I do

daily videos and at least once a week

I'll have a video that I'll be uploading

it I'll set my computer to upload I'll

go away I'll come back and it'll be

frozen it'll be stuck at like 10 percent

or 25 percent sometimes it'll even get

to like 95 percent processing and freeze

now this doesn't happen you know that

much but it is something that happens

enough where you're gonna if you're a

no-buy youtuber and you upload a lot

you're gonna need to know what to do if

this happens to you okay so right now on

my computer here I have an upload just a

test upload this is just a random random

test clip I have this uploading and for

the sake of video you're gonna pretend