How To Fix Verizon - No Internet, No Wifi, or Slow Speeds

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nothing can be more frustrating when you

sit down to access your wi-fi or

internet and you run into issues or your

speeds are real slow on today's tech

video i'm going to show you how to fix

your verizon internet if it isn't

working correctly


the first one is the easiest one to try

and that's to take any device that

you're having issues with whether it be

your cell phone or maybe a tv and power

it down or unplug it from the wall

outlet powering it down or unplugging

any kind of power source going to it is

what we call a hard reset and you want

to leave it unplugged or powered down

for at least 60 seconds now don't be

impatient here wait the whole 60 seconds

then power back up or plug it back in

and then see if it's working now if that