9 Causes of Smelly Urine | How to Fix Urine Odor | #DeepDives

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have you ever sat down on the toilet to

relieve yourself and thought

ew what's that smell you might have

thought it was the faint yet unpleasant

odor of the bathroom

only to realize it was actually the

smell of your own urine

typically urine has a pretty mild odor

but there are multiple things that can

make it smell stronger than usual

most of these things are harmless but in

some cases smelly urine can actually be

an indicator that something more

serious is going on here are 9 causes of

smelly urine and what you can do to fix


cause number one dehydration not

drinking enough water

is the top cause of smelly urine to

break it down

urine is a combination of water and

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