How To Remove Background From iPhone Photos - iPhone Photo Cutout

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hey everyone welcome back this is Dan

from dhtv and today I have another

iPhone hack that's going to allow you to

remove the background from photos or

even pull specific items right out of a

photo let's get started

all right so we've got the iPhone 14 pro

here but this is going to work on pretty

much any iOS 16 device and I'm going to

be showing you how to remove the

background from your photos and also

pull specific items from those photos at

the same time the first thing you want

to do is open your photos app and you

want to just find a photo you want to

play with right now just to test it out

so for us let's just grab this one right

here so I've got an old Sony Walkman

here that's just sitting on a table now

if I wanted to grab say just that

Walkman pull that out of the photo or