WHY Your Tire Light is ON & EASY FIX

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when your tire light comes on it's never

a good thing because it means there's

something wrong now it could be a

malfunction but the problem could in

fact be a lot worse and either way

you've got to deal with it but the good

news is it's simple to do and in this

video I'm gonna show you how to get your

tire light to go off in a way that you

can do yourself and it doesn't cost any

money or require any special tools and

it all starts at the wheel now of course

you know how to add air to a tire and

that's done through that thing they're

called the valve stem but when you

probably didn't know was that behind

that valve stem is an electronic sensor

now they're self-contained and all they

do is monitor tire pressure and they

report back to your car what the

pressure is and that's what can trigger