What Causes White Tongue? – Dr.Berg on Oral Candidiasis

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video

we're going to talk about white tongue

okay this is really an overgrowth of

Candida the condition is called

candidiasis and basically Candida

normally is a friendly thing on your

body you have 20 different strains of

Candida but this yeast like structure

this microbe can turn into a fungus if

you basically take antibiotics or

steroids or birth control pills or

insulin so normally in the body you have

four hundred at least four hundred

different types of species of friendly

bacteria from the yeast friendly mold

friendly fungus and then when you kill

off the good microbes some of these bad

guys can start over taking over and so

what most people do they think that they

should avoid fermented foods because

there's lactic acid or there's some