Why is My Tongue Burning? | This Morning

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let's talk to Sula she's on the phone oh

hi Sula had it terribly sore throat for

months tongue is very sore oh it's as if

it's burnt every time she eats it stings

a stomach also hurts and feels bloated

and she feels sick and she's had a

colonoscopy gasps drops Coupee camera

down nose check out throat questions

about the tongue itself when you look at

your tongue in the mirror do you see

anything yeah there's a white coating

there's patches on it and if you look

really really closely this tiny red dots

okay I know it's been a long time you

know in medicine common things are

common and common things that cause

cause I saw some are things like thrush

infection and I know you've tried some

oral medication for that and you haven't

tried the tablets for that so one thing

to try with the tablet especially

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