5 Reasons The Inside Of Your CHEEKS are Peeling Off (Explaining the Ingredient SLS)

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hi everyone my name is whitney and i am

a dental hygienist if you're new here

welcome if you've been here before

welcome back let's talk about why the

inside of your cheek may be peeling or

sloughing away

so i've had lots of patients throughout

the years tell me that they notice

tissue actually sloughing or peeling off

in their mouths so anytime us dental

professionals see skin inside of the

mouth peeling off we usually need to use

a process of illumination to figure out

what's causing it so let's talk about

the five most common reasons you might

be noticing this and let's figure out if

any of these speak true to you sls one

of the top causes of inside cheek

peeling is from the ingredients sodium

lauryl sulfate or sls sls is in a lot of

toothpaste blends because of the way it