Finding a leak in a tire: Why your tire keeps losing air

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hey guys danny johnson here and i was

having a little issue with the yukon it

kept losing tire pressure in one of the

tires so i kept seeing it come up on the

dash and

i couldn't figure out why it was losing

air pressure and so here's some things

you can do first of all i had my brother

come through and he was watching the

wheels i slowly drove to look for any

nails in case maybe i just didn't see a


that was in there you know maybe was on

the bottom when i was looking at it and

so as i drove slowly he looked um but

ultimately he didn't find anything so

what i did is i broke all the lug nuts

loose i lifted the truck into the air

placed it securely on a jack stand and

there's a metal you know frame that goes

through there that's where you want to

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