TSH Results / Levels: How to explain in 80 seconds

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it's really common that we're doing

cases of hypo and hyperthyroidism we get

stuck when we're trying to explain to a

patient why your TSH is high in

hypothyroid and why your TSH is low in

hyper thyroid and we all talk positively

about negative feedback loops and things

and it gets very confusing one really

simple way to explain to a patient is at

elevation of the brain is constantly

talking to the thyroid all the time is

talking to it and how loud the brain is

talking is reflected by your TSH level

so without an underactive thyroid or

hypothyroidism your thyroid gland down

here is not working very well so your

brain is starting to shout really loud

to it remember is shouting loud so your

TSH level goes up and that's why in an

underactive thyroid you don't raise TSH

level if you look at hyper thyroid where

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