IRS Issues Warning - Smaller Tax Refunds This Year - Here's Why...

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the IRS issued a warning about smaller

tax refunds for this upcoming tax season

so my name is Brian Kim I'm a certified

public accountants and what the IRS is

saying is true

therefore I hope that you're prepared in

terms of your expectations

of how big your tax refund is going to

be this year so I'm going to tell you

why this is happening

according to the IRS the average tax

refund is expected to fall by 20 percent

compared to last year

the reason is because so many of the

pandemic related tax breaks they expired

on December 31st of 2021.

so basically they've been eliminated for

2022. I'm going to tell you about the

four bigger ones and then after that I'm

going to tell you what you can do right

now to maximize your tax refund so let's

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