Why Your NEW Tattoo Is FADING AND What To Do To Fix IT!

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did you just get a brand new tattoo and

it's already starting to look dull

faded and now you're starting to freak

out about it yes tattoos do

fade but it's a brand new tattoo is this

normal well calm down

calm down don't worry i got you because

in today's video we're going to be

talking about

why your new tattoo is fading and also

some things that you could do

to get the detail make that new tattoo

look bright again so you are not going

to want to miss it but hey

quick question leave a comment below on

what your new tattoo

is i'd love to hear but hey welcome back

or welcome to manly man tv

my name's mike and on this channel i

help educate you

in the realm of tattoos so if that's

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