Why does it hurt to put a tampon in - 3 common causes of tampon pain.

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today I'm gonna teach you why it hurts

to take out a tampon or to put one in

now when I was in college I had a

roommate who couldn't ever get a tampon

in every once in a while I would hear

her in the bathroom saying how and when

she came out I would ask her if she was

okay and she'd always say oh yeah I was

just trying to get a tampon in now if

you've ever experienced anything like

this or pain when you were taking a

tampon out keep watching this video


welcome back my name is Dianna and I'm a

physician assistant and I've been

specializing in women's health and

gynecology for the past 12 years you are

watching my channel in the pink and I am

so happy that you are here where I can

teach you what I've learned in over a

decade of helping women and girls with