Eat 1 Sweet Potato A Day And See What Happens To Your Body

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Hi viewers! When it comes to healthy eating  

there is one food that steals the show. It's so  versatile and tasty that having it at least once  

a day in your meals or snacks can give oodles of  benefits. We are talking about sweet potatoes!

This holiday favorite has  earned the status of superfood.  

In today's video let's discuss what happens to  your body when you start eating sweet potatoes  

every day. Does it improve your memory? What  about great vision and protection from cancer?  

We're discussing all that and more.

Does your local grocery store have purple sweet  

potatoes? (pause)

Sweet potatoes are available in a  variety of colors. You can buy white,  

yellow, red, purple, and brown-skinned  varieties. You’ll see rich color when  

you cut them open. The flesh can  be yellow, orange, white, or red.

Experts believe that there are almost  400 different varieties around the world.  

They are native to the northern  part of South America. But today  

they've reached almost every part of the  world and befriended everyone’s taste buds.  

Remember to put sweet potatoes  on your shopping list next time.

Want to know why? (pause)

This humble spud is extremely nutrient-dense.  The purple and orange varieties are packed  

with antioxidants which give them their  typical color. The darker the variety the  

higher will be the antioxidants. They help  keep the free radicals out of your system. 

If you are into gyming and focusing on  protein-rich foods then don't skip sweet potatoes.  

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