[FIXED] Straight Talk New Verizon SIM Card Not Working (No Internet)

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hey how's it going if you just got

booted off a straight talk because you

didn't switch your sim card over to the

verizon one then hopefully we can get

you back up and running all right so my

wife and i got uh messages back in may

and june saying that we had to switch

over to the new verizon sim by july 6 or

they would cut off our service and they

told us to order one of these new free

sim cards here and we went ahead and did

that but we never installed it because i

looked on all of the online forums and

it was just horror stories of everyone's

phones not working after they installed

it so we just decided to ride it out

july 6 came and went and nothing

happened so we figured we're good to go

that was until july 21st and when we

woke up this morning and all we could do

is dial 9-1-1 or play on wi-fi since we

Unable to open file!