Oversensitivity in the Stomach?

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I was reading before the show about a

person that their G on track just

dominated their life they felt like they

were bloating out and increased

abdominal girth and they were passing

gas and they were belching and they were

cramping and they were afraid to go out

and be with people afraid to go to work

afraid even anything yeah what's going

on yeah that's a that's a problem that's

either because of two things it's either

because one they have a real condition

that's making all those symptoms

terrible or they have just a over

sensitivity to things we call that

visceral hypersensitivity where they're

just more sensitive than others for

example if I were to take a normal

person and I would have put a tube in

their nose all the way into their bowels

and let's say I got a quart of room air

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