Stomach Growling is a Symptom of...

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so someone had a question about what is that growling sound in my stomach

is that just hunger pains what actually is it you may have these sounds when

you're hungry but the hunger is not the thing that's

causing it okay the thing that's causing it is

something called migrating motor complex now what the heck is that

that is a certain housekeeping condition in your body where it's

cleaning out the debris the extra food particles and there's

certain waves of peristalsis or a pumping action of

debris going through the small intestine and

into the large colon why is that so important because

one really important function of this is to prevent

sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth a lot of people by the way

have this condition they don't even know it

and that condition is when you have too much bacteria in your small intestine

the majority should be in the large intestine when the bacteria

gets into the small intestine it starts robbing you of nutrients fat

soluble vitamins but like vitamin a vitamin d potassium vitamin c

zinc and it leaves you deficient not only that

you start getting fermenting of vegetables and other fibers that get in

here and you start experiencing a lot of

bloating so if you consume like vegetables or fiber or even