4 Causes Of The Steering Wheel Shaking

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hey everybody I'm here today to talk to

you about four causes of the steering

wheel shaking as you're driving and you

find that your steering wheel is shaking

then this is the video for you because

I'll be going over four common causes

now I will say this these are not the

only reasons why your steering wheel

might be shaking but these are

definitely some common reasons some

without further ado let's get right into

the video cause number one the wheels

are not balanced now you see on your

wheels there are specific things that

are used for balancing the wheels

because wheels need to be balanced now

if your wheels if one of your wheels are

all of your wheels or a few of your

wheels are not balanced it could be the

reason why the steering wheel is shaking

you see when you're driving a car at a

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