RainBird 5000 Troubleshooting Leaking Heads

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hey I'm Sean from sprinkler daddy and in

this video I just want to talk about

some troubleshooting stuff for the Rain

Bird 5,000 heads sometimes when people

install them they give me a call or drop

me an email and say that they're having

troubles with it with the head actually

leaking not from or between the the

turret and the actual base of the

sprinkler they're having some some

leaking problems there and 95% of the

time more often than not the solution is

what during the installation you've got

some dirt in the lines or rock in the in

the fitting or something like that

that's getting into the sprinkler and

causing it to causing the water to shoot

out in places that it's not supposed to

so the best advice that I can give the

first thing that you should try if

you're having troubles with the

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