How to Fix Your Sourdough Starter When It WON'T RISE

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if your sourdough starter isn't Rising

as in it's not doubling in size at all

after you feed it here's how you fix it

I'm actually going to tell you two ways

you can fix it if you've baked bread

with your sourdough started before and

it's worked fine this method is for you

sometimes people say their starters

going well it's doubling in size it's

falling back down again and then all of

a sudden it just stops working for some

reason if that's your case what you need

to do is reset your starter honestly you

probably have too much sourdough starter

in your jar that is not getting enough

food to be able to grow and actually

double in size after you feed it so what

you need to do is take 25 grams just

about a tablespoon of your starter put

it in a new jar and get rid of the rest

of the starter you don't have to throw

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