What causes skin peeling from fingers and feet? How to manage? - Dr. Rasya Dixit

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hi I'm dr. Raza vixen I'm a

dermatologist in private practice in

Bangalore from the last 15 years

skin wheedling on the hands and feet is

a very common condition especially in

people who have extreme dry skin in some

seasons they might be experiencing some

amount of skin feeling on their hands

and feet but these people the skin

feeling is asymptomatic it is very

gentle and they know that every season

it happens and it gets better but if

there is a sudden onset of skin peeling

on your hands and feet and if it's

associated with any itching I think you

should get an examination from a

dermatologist because it could indicate

a skin disease like hand eczema

psoriasis character dama or even a

fungal infection all these conditions