Siri Not Working on iOS 16? iOS 16 Won't Mute Siri Spoken Responses? Fixes & Explanations Here!

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What’s up guys, welcome back to the Tenorshare channel.

Siri is getting more and more powerful with every iOS update.

However, it could also get quite annoying from time to time.

For example, on iOS 15,

you can silent Siri spoken responses by selecting the when silent mode is off,

or only with hey Siri.

But on iOS 16, this two options are not longer there.

Replaced with automatic and prefer spoken responses.

Hey Siri, what day is it today?

Apparently the automatic won’t let you decide when to mute the voice response,

which needless to say, is pretty frustrating.

What we can do now, it’s report this to apple support.

Hopefully it will be addressed in the future iOS release.

Aside from that, you might find hey Siri has stopped working,

or it just won’t respond to your command.

or taking too long to give an answer.

The fist thing we recommend you to do is check your Siri settings.

Make sure Listen to Hey Siri is enabled,

and turn on Press side button for Siri as well.

If you already enabled hey Siri, try to turn it off.

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