High Water Sewer Bills A Lesson for Every Property Owner

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welcome back one Rossville as Water and

Sewer customer got bills for service

that went through the roof they came

from something that she had no control

over and it's a situation that you can

learn from Evans pays her 30 to $40

water bill to Tennessee American yeah I

buy my water bill when I get my income

every month

Tennessee American then sends her water

usage to the city of Roseville which

uses a separate company to bill her

about forty to fifty dollars a month for

sewer usage imagine her shock and she

got a water bill back in January for two

hundred twenty eight dollars and

twenty-nine cents worse seven hundred

eighty dollars and 93 cents I said oh my

god that's gonna let me have my grocery

money she says she'd already paid $50 on

the water bill and more than three