How to resolve partial red or pink screen problem in laptops??

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Hello Friends, this is my laptop and you can see that it's screen has become weird.

The top part is alright but bottom part after a line has become different.

Let me show you from close.  

Let me open a different page.

See, it has become Red/Pink. Top part is OK. But bottom part has become Red/Pink.

I was doing some research on this and found a trick to fix it.

If you are facing similar issue, you can also try this trick.

This might help you as well. If you take this laptop to a repairing center, they will simply say

that the display is faulty and it needs to be replaced.

I also took this laptop to one repairing shop and they said the display panel is faulty.

It has to be replaced. They were quoting very high rate, so I thought

lets see and try something myself first. Then I studied about this problem on internet and discussed with one friend.

He suggested me try out several tricks.

You can try pressing on the sides. All four sides.

In my case, first time when I pressed on the right side, the screen became ok.

But now I see that if I press on this area of the screen, the problem gets resolved.

Today, Its not happening, I don't know why.

See friends. I tried several times and finally, it has become alright.

Ohh. It has come again.

Now its alright again.

This a temporary solution friends. 

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