How to Sleep with Sciatica | DO's and DONT's Explained

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Is your sciatica keeping you up all night and you just need to sleep?

You're in luck, because I'm going to share with you the tips and tricks that I

share with my patients that will get you sleeping better TONIGHT. Stay tuned!

The first thing that we're going to start off with is finding the right

position to sleep, which is probably the most important thing. Just getting

comfortable, being able to pass out and taking the pressure off the back. So I'm

going to start with the worst sleeping positions, all the way to the best

sleeping positions. The worst would be sleeping on your stomach. This position

right here is absolutely terrible and I always tell my patients whatever you do

break this habit, it's no good. The reason why is because it pulls right here on

the low back (downwards). It's going to really mess with the curve of your back

causing irritation and inflammation, making the pain worse. Also, when you sleep on

your stomach your neck is twisted, so then not only

are you going to have low back issues but new issues of neck and upper back

pain. It's no good, whatever you do break this habit.

The next position that most people sleep in (including myself) is on the

side. I usually recommend that if you're a side sleeper to find a really

good pillow that will help support the neck. I like ones that keep the neck

completely straight (kind of like this right here). If you're kind of going up like

this, or it's sinking down, it's not offering the support you need and it's

not keeping the cervical spine in a neutral straight position. Take a look