Samsung TV won't turn on Red light Flashes - Fix it Now

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okay today we're going to show you how

to fix your samsung tv if it won't turn

on and you're seeing a blinking or

flashing light we're going to show you

several methods for fixing this problem

if you stay with us all the way to the

end of the video and try each of these


there is a very high probability that

this problem will be solved for you okay

the first thing to try here is really

the simplest and in most cases this one

will actually work so you might not even

need to go on uh just basically unplug

your tv from the wall

wait about 60 seconds now don't be

impatient here wait the 60 seconds

and then plug it back in

this will reset your tv now this is a

lot different than switching the remote

on and off so do do it from the wall