Himalayan Salt Lamp Leaking Water | What to do.

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guys I didn't know this did you know

this I read over here to turn on my

beautiful salt lamp my home in Himalayan

salt lamp right guess what I found out

no this is not a bronze just a patch not

that kind of patch it's a muscle light

patch anyway this little guy was leaking

water under it I read about it and it

said this is a very normal occurrence

and to keep it on because what it does

it absorbs the moisture in the air and

it's been very humid here especially in

the home because we don't have central

heat heating and air we have like a

really huge swamp cooler in the middle

house which it usually keeps it cold but

the humidity humidity here has been very

high I live in Northern California and

that's like not healthy normal but like

lately it's been totally like a

temperate kind of weather but anyway I'm

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