Too HOT? Cool your room Properly. How to Stop blowing hot Air in house: Natural AC with Window Fans?

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for those of you that have a room in the

house that gets very hot you may really

have a pedestal fan that you use to try

and cool yourself down now the issue

with that is all you're doing is blowing

around the hot air that's in the room

already so one solution is to get a

window fan window fans are great because

they pull in cool air from the outside

now that's assuming that you live in a

climate where it's not too hot outside

and not too humid

most of these window fans have two

settings you can either suck air from

the outside in or suck air from the

inside out from my experience the best

way is to suck the cold air in in the

region where I live we get high 20s to

maybe sometimes 30s in the summertime

and this works best in the evening so

when you're going to sleep and it's hot