How To Speed Up Your Android Tablet (& Phone!)

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hi guys welcome back to the Tex chap now

as tempting as those shiny new iPad pros

are many of us prefer the flexibility

the customization and the variety of

Android tablets so whether you own a

nexus 7 a galaxy tab s asus zenfone or

one of the many other great android

tablets on the market here's how to keep

your tablet feeling fast and fresh

first things first check for software

and app updates you probably only do

this but it can't hurt to every now and

then go to the about page in the

Settings app and manually check to see

if there are any new updates for Android

keeping the software and apps up to date

is the best way to ensure your tablet is

as fast and reliable as possible but if

your tablet is still feeling a bit

sluggish there are a few things we can

do first of all get rid of any