Why Is My Mower Smoking? Easy Explanation!

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tarantula here and is your mower smoking

like that well if it is there's two

reasons it's doing it one of them is you

just recently changed the oil in it and

you put way too much oil in it

the second one is

the needle and seat in the carburetor is

sticking open

and that gasoline is going into the

crank case and it's raising the oil

level and that'll make it smoke too

so what you need to do is check that oil

and make sure it's not overfilled

because what it's doing is it's way over

filled and it's pushing that oil out the

muffin and that's what's making it smoke

so you need to pull the dipstick out

check it smell it

so that way if there's gasoline in it

you know you got an uh