Hiccups in puppies. When to worry and what to do for them.

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everybody's doctor Magnifico from

Jerry's Levin and Polycom this is my

newest puppy well he is here for medical

foster his name is storm and he has

hiccups so I'm gonna see if I can get a

picture of him get his hiccups

so he's three good good

you can see his abdomen in his chest

moving hiccups is pretty common in

puppies I think for a couple of reasons

one he does not drink a lot of water he

is just too active and too hyper to do

so so he doesn't drink a lot and it

happens for a couple minutes and then it

goes away so I wanted to do a little

video on puppies and hiccups they're

fairly common and his have I think

already gone away so if you have a puppy

that's got a lot of hiccups as long as

they don't last too long so a couple of

minutes at the most and as long as

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