Why do puppies breathe fast while sleeping?!? | Veterinarian Explains

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what's up guys I'm Dr Lindsay a small

animal veterinarian and today I'm going

to address a super common question from

New Puppy owners which is why is my

puppy breathing so fast and is it okay


all right guys I want to thank this

video's sponsor which is pet meds and

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below so you guys could shop online for

your pets so let's get right to it why

is your puppy breathing so heavy when

they're sleeping today I have with me my

super cute laponian herder puppies so

these are Tully's puppies which is our

first litter and we were so excited to

have these little babies so you may

question is something wrong with my

puppy and poof you've landed on this

video hello I'm here to answer your

question all right guys so the answer is