What is dyssynergic defecation, and what causes it?

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dr. round what is dis energic defecation

and what causes it well that's a great

question Ginetta

so pooping is something that's natural

for all of us something that we rarely

think twice majority of people get a

nourish they go the spends a short time

in the restroom and then they've never

even think about it

but for a third of the patients with

chronic constipation they have a

condition called dis synergic defecation

it's a little bit of a mouthful but

essentially pooping or defecation has

become in coordinated or dis energy that

is why we call it the synergy defecation

so in these patients the whole act of

having a bowel movement has gone awry so

they either don't know how to push or

they push excessively unbeknown to them