What is Your Green Poop Telling You?

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you just got done with your daily do

when you notice something it's a little

off your toilet bowl looks like a toxic

spell it's bright green well in this

video I'll explain what green poop means

for your health and how to get things

back on track

hi I'm Genevieve Holland the woman

behind mama natural calm the number one

natural pregnancy and parenting brand

and I am on a mission to help moms to be

parents and Families leave happier

healthier and more natural life's so

what's the deal with green poop is it

something to be concerned about or no

biggie your poop actually says a lot

about your health and that means it's

important to pay attention to things

like form frequency odor and yep color

but before you panic know this green

poop may actually signal that you're

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