How To Clear A Green Pool FAST | Swim University

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is your pool water green well the good

news is you don't have to drain your

pool and start over to get rid of it

here's a quick guide on how to kill pool

algae fast and keep it from coming back

let's dive in

real quick before we continue if you

want more help taking care of your pool

be sure to grab our free pool care cheat

sheet at

cheat sheet it's totally free and will

help keep your pool clean and clear all

season long first why do i have a green

swimming pool well the culprit for green

water is pool algae if it's light green

the algae is likely just starting to

take hold but a deeper green means you

have a bigger algae bloom problem green

algae happens when your chlorine levels

are too low when your chlorine levels

are low your chlorine can't sanitize the