League of Legends – How to Fix High Ping! | Complete 2022 Guide

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what's up guys welcome to this video in

today's video I want to quickly show you

how you can fix issue if you're running

into a high ping in League of Legends

that's topic for today's video so just

stick around if you're interested in

that but before we start right into a

topic I would really like to mention

something you guys would certainly make

my day if you could leave a like comment

and subscribe to my small little YouTube

channel it would mean the world to me so

thank you very much but let's write into

a topic what you need to do in order to

fix hyping first of all make sure to

just open your windows set a Windows

search bar and then type in control


uh and then just open this app here and

if this does not look like this change

over to view by category and then click