What's Inside A Pimple?

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what exactly is inside of that bulging

pimple it's probably even worse than you

think that white pus is packed with a

cocktail mix of bacteria dead skin cells

white blood cells and an oily waxy

material called sebum under the right

conditions these four ingredients create

the perfect storm for infection here's

how inside each pore of your skin are

tiny sacs called sebaceous glands these

glands secrete an oily material called

sebum which lubricates and waterproofs

your hair but that's not the only thing

sebum is good for it's also an energy

source for a type of bacteria called

Propionibacterium acnes normally

Propionibacterium acnes lives

harmoniously in and on your skin but

sometimes it gets out of control and

that's when the trouble starts when your

sebaceous glands grow more active like