SOLVED - Why did my image RANDOMLY go BLACK & WHITE in Adobe Photoshop!?

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so this is a quick answer to the

question why did my Photoshop image go

black and white so basically when you're

actually working in Photoshop kind of

learning all the shortcuts and stuff

like that then you may accidentally on

the Mac on the PC hold down command or

ctrl and tap one two or three or four

and basically tapping those will select

a different channel views so basically

if you do command and three your image

is showing only one of the channel so if

we go to our channels menu here on the

bottom right you can see I'm just

viewing the channels menu and the

shortcut on the right there for the

different channels so command two will

show all of our channels RGB in this

case and then command three will show

just the red command 4 will show just

the green and command 5 will show just

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