Why Your Android Slows Down (and How to Fix it) | Guiding Tech

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my Android phone is getting slow it's

over a year I think I need an upgrade

it's it's performance is not that great

as it used to be six month back and

there are all sort of things that you

hear from many Android users which

actually say that their phone is getting

older and it's becoming slow so well is

this really the case in this video I'm

going to talk about why your Android

phone becomes slow or they appear to

become slow over time well my name is

Ashish you are watching guiding tech and

let's get started so the very first

thing that I would like to talk about is

all those apps that you install on your

phone yes I mean when your phone is new

it just comes with like those talk apps

which are like what 2021 maybe and if

you have an Asus phone you might even

have 40 but still I mean over time you