My iPhone Says No SIM Card! Here's The Fix.

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here is what to do when your iphone says

no sim the first thing we need to do is

grab a sim card ejector tool or a

straightened out paperclip we're gonna

take your sim card out of the sim card

tray all right how do we do it first


take it out of the case the sim tray

unless you have a very old iphone it's

either on the left side or the right

side of your phone

in this case iphone 12 it is on the left

side just look for the little hole then

take your straightened out paper clip

or sim card ejector tool because you're

a nerd

stick it in there apply some pressure

not just for nerds anymore they started

including these with the newer iphones

too so if you got that tiny little metal

piece with your new iphone that is a sim