OK Google not working - "Offline" No Network Available - This can fix the problem

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this video shows how to fix a problem

when this command when you say it brings

up a screen that says offline no network

is available I can't say the command on

the video because once I do it'll

activate the feature that now works

properly so if you're having that

offline message you can't seem to fix it

go to your Play Store icon in your apps

up here in the search area you're going

to type in that command I'm gonna select

it since I already put it in that's

going to give you a list of options come

down to the google option and then

you're going to click uninstall and ask

if you want to uninstall the updates and

you click OK it's gonna uninstall

everything at least the updates and then

it's going to ask you if you want to

update and you select update it will

reinstall the updates will download them