How To FIX iPhone Calls Going Straight To Voicemail! (2022)

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so you may be in a position where people

are calling you like crazy and or the

phone number is just going straight to

voicemail whether you're calling

somebody and that phone number is going

straight to voicemail or people are

calling you and your calls are going

straight to voicemail now this is either

due to a do not disturb problem or it's

due to a signal issue so if it's a

signal issue let's say you're in an area

that has really bad signal or the person

you're calling you know could be in an

area that has really bad signal you may

just want to go ahead and either leave

them a message you can text them as well

that's probably another thing you can do

but typically there's not much you can

do in that specific situation you just

have to wait until either you get better

signal or they get better signal and

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