How to Fix Phone Charging Slowly Problem | Charge Your Phone Faster | Tech Mash 2022

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so what's up guys I'm mash from tech mash and today I'm going to show you that why

your device is charging slow and how you can solve it and also if you have a fast

charger will it charge your device faster or not so before getting started

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videos like this one ok so the problem can occur for three types of reason

okay so the first one is the adapter okay this part the adapter the second

one is the cable the cable is the most common one and the last one is your

smartphone okay so these are the three reasons that your smartphone

can charge slow so the thing is we need to identify which is the reason that our is

smartphone is charging slow so for that you need to have an app to

measure the juice your device is getting from the charger or from the outlet okay

so for that just go to play store and download this app called ampere okay I

will also provide the link in the description below I have already

downloaded the app so after downloading the app then just open it

this app will just show you that how much juice your device is getting with

the charger okay so after opening that then just take the original charger of

your device that came with the box okay the manufacturers original charger just

take it so in my case the white one as you can see in the screen this is my

original manufacturers charger okay so here I will show you that in your

manufacturers original charger you will see something like 5 volt 2 amp or 10

volt 1 amp or something like that as you can see my case it is 5 volt 2 amp okay