Heavy periods: what you need to know

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Periods can be as varied as the weather.

For some women, they come and go with little concern,

but for other women, their period can sometimes

make it tricky to leave the house without worrying.

If you find your bleeding lasts longer than seven

to eight days, need to change your pad or tampon every hour

or less, have blood clots that are larger

than a 50 cent coin, have period pain that won't go away

after taking pain killers, or feel excessively tired

or dizzy, you could be experiencing what's known

as heavy menstrual bleeding.

You're not alone.

A quarter of all women in Australia

experience the same symptoms.

It's particularly common in teenagers and women over 30.

There are many reasons why heavy menstrual bleeding occurs.

About half of women don't have an obvious cause

for their heavy periods.

If you suffer some of these symptoms,

it's important to contact your health professional for help.

As heavy menstrual bleeding can affect your iron levels,